About Us

About Us

This site is dedicated to presenting the most reliable information on staying physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually healthy to optimize individual happiness and well-being. We draw from such recognized authoritative sources as The Mayo Clinic, The Harvard Medical School, and the National Institute of Health, as well as covering developments from natural, alternative, integrative, homeopathic and complementary medical resources.

If there is an editorial bias on our part, it is against
– insofar as practical and medically advisable
– the use of drugs that haven’t proven to be effective and have a serious potential for addiction.
Although natural substances may be preferable to chemically
-formulated drugs, that does not mean that they do not have adverse effects or interactions with other substances or drugs.

There are consequences and possible risks with all drugs and substances. Your most important decision is the choice of a medical professional to advise you on health maintenance decisions – for you or for someone you have the responsibility of caring for.

Charles Stinard


“please call me Chad” After careers in law, banking and teaching English as a second language in the Czech Republic, Korea, Mexico and the U.S., Chad became certified as a Medications Aide (CMA). During a presentation in the CMA class about the immune system, he had a “wake-up moment”, a flash of overwhelmingly convincing appreciation for the beautifully intricate design of the human being. The various systems – digestive, immune, neurological, pulmonary, cardiac – working together can be fine-tuned, balanced and maintained, making for a long, healthy, happy life.