How to Get the Most Out of Meditation

Millions of people all over the world meditate daily and they do so for various reasons. Stress reduction, relaxation, improving focus and productivity, pain reduction, and developing an improved sense of well being are all typical benefits of this simple and ancient practice.

Benefits of Meditation

The Mayo Clinic recognizes that “meditation may offer many benefits,

Dealing with Anxiety and Stress

Lowering your stress and anxiety levels is essential to good health because it:

  1. Fosters a sense of contentment and well-being;
  2. Makes for clearer thinking and better decision-making;
  3. Enables deeper and more peaceful sleep (which, in turn, further reduces stress levels); and
  4. Along with better sleep, lower stress and anxiety levels improves memory,

Supplements to Improve Sleep

Sleep disorder and insomnia are problems that affect the quality of life. It affects the productivity and ability to concentrate of businessmen, workers, students, working moms, non-working moms – in fact, everyone who has anything they need or want to do. Adequate sleep effectively improves everyone’s effectiveness, as well as quality and enjoyment of life.

Is Alzheimer’s Reversible?

Nearly all sources of medical and health information agree on the basics of Alzheimer’s:

  1. The ability of a person with Alzheimer’s to remember events, places and people is impaired.
  2. Alzheimer’s impairs cognitive functions: the ability to reason, make judgments and choices, and to communicate effectively.
  3. Alzheimer’s is a progressive form of dementia,

How to Get the Sleep You Need

Almost all doctors and other providers of medical services agree that getting enough sleep is very important to maintaining brain and body health. And, more specifically, sleep is highly important in avoiding and treating dementia, including Alzheimer’s. See our articles, “Is Alzheimer’s Reversible?” and “Combatting Alzheimer’s with Non-Prescription Supplements” for more on Alzheimer’s Disease.
Lack of sufficient sleep or disturbed sleep causes an adverse impact on a person’s brain and body.

Avoiding and Combatting Alzheimer’s with Non-prescription Supplements

In our first article on the subject, Is Alzheimer’s Reversible?, we reported on Dr. Bredesen’s non-prescription drug protocols. Here are the recommendations for supplements based upon the results of the studies his group conducted. In addition, we are including recommendations of the non-profit Alzheimer’s Organization for supplements to maintain brain health, minimize the damage caused by Alzheimer’s ,